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Starblast is a space themed free for all shooter game, you begin as a basic reasonably small/weak ship and farm either gems or other players in order to gain xp and increase your stats. One of the cooler features of this game is that once you’ve maxed out the stats of your ship you’re given the option to upgrade to one of two better ships. In Starblastio you have two option as soon as you get into the game, you can either begin by farming the rocks and playing a more passive play style or you can get straight into the action and chase other small ships and take their xp for your own! The second option is quite a bit riskier as you may run into bigger opponents looking to do the same but it’s a ton more fun!
  • You’re given two sets of controls to pick from, you can either use your keyboard controls WASD to move and use spacebar to shoot or you can use your mouse, using right click and dragging around to move and using left click to shoot.
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