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2D Shooter Defense Free For All iogames admin 0
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Snowfight is exactly what its name suggests, a big snowball fight. When you first get into the game you’ll be able to customise your characters appearance and name and then get straight into the action. The game is one big friendly free for all where you battle it out by launching snowballs at each other. If you hit a player enough times you’ll ‘Ice’ them which basically turns them into a snowman that you can walk over for health. You are able to throw snowballs rapidly or charge up a larger ball that will 1 shot if it hits. Snowfightio has players fighting for the top spot on the leader board but also encourages fun, the gameplay is very cartoony and even the sounds are adorable. We’d recommend playing with some friends as its even better that way but playing alone is just as good.

How to play

  • Movement: W A S D
  • Throw snowballs: Left click
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Use mouse