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Pie is an incredibly colourful and fun looking game, its also really fun to play! You can start off by selecting a skin to use on your character, some are free and some are unlocked later with XP, after you’re looking the part click play and you’re straight into the action. Well if its your first time playing then you’ll be straight into the tutorial, its very short and straight to the point, it’ll show you all the basics of the game you’ll need to know to ensure you have a good chance of surviving once in a real game. In Pie.ai you’ll play as a cute blocky character that will hop around, your main objective is to eat as much as you can without dying. You can eat almost anything on the map including players, normal blocks will be worth 1pt and the other more tasty looking blocks will give you anywhere from 3-20pts. Once you’ve ate enough your character will level up giving you the ability to put a point into either offensive or defensive abilities. As well as this you can find keys, hammers and jetpacks around the map to help you out. Keys can be used to unlock the blocks with locks on them, hammers can be used on the black/yellow blocks to break them, these blocks usually surround more valuable blocks. Keys, hammers and flying packs can be easily found by looking at the icon on top of the block, usually it will be plain but the more valuable blocks will have toppings on or have a key/hammer lodged into them. You obtain the drops by eating the block just as you do everything else, I myself havent been quite able to obtain any keys before being eaten so hopefully you’ll have better luck!

  • Everything: Left click on tiles to jump to them, left click pie blocks or other players to eat them.
  • Original Source: Pie.ai