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GAME INFO is an underwater free for all game, take control of a shark equip with a laser and take out other sharks. This game is similar to games such as but also has a lot of unique features too. As you make your way around the ocean you’ll notice there are a lot of small orange fish swimming around, these are like the blobs you’ll find in games such as, if you eat them your shark will gain XP towards a level up. Levelling up in results in a health increase which means you can take more shots from other players before dying, I think this works well to balance the combat between existing and new players as even if you’re low level you can still win a fight if you have better aim. As well as small fish and other player controlled sharks roaming the ocean you’ll also come across silver hexagons. These shapes can not be swam through or shot through so they’re useful as cover, lasers will bounce off them in fact so if you want to add some style points to your kills try and get a ricochet kill. Apart from trying to kill other players its equally as important to try and avoid dying as if you do you’ll be set back to level 1. To help you with this feat the game has implemented a boost feature which can be incredibly helpful when trying to dodge oncoming attacks but also very irritating if you’re trying to land a shot on someone else. Each player has an energy level which will go down when using boost or firing your laser, make sure you keep an eye on it at the bottom of your screen.

How to play

  • Movement: Mouse (Your shark will follow your cursor)
  • Laser: Spacebar
  • Boost: Left click
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