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2D Shooter Classic Free For All iogames Sports admin 0
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GAME INFO is a massive free for all dodge ball game. Dodge Balls is designed in a style with a twist. The smaller balls that are normally a source of food also become your weapon to be thrown at your opponents. The game-play is simple, pass over a smaller ball to pick it up and then try to throw it at your enemy. You need to throw and land a clean shot at your opponent to get them out giving you points on the scoreboard. Some awesome game play features in is the ball movements. Throw a ball at another ball whether it's held by an opponent or in mid air, as the balls will bounce and deflect off each other. This allows for some cool defense strategies. The ball also bounces and deflects off the map borders and the boundary shapes scattered around the map. Watch Out! because if you get hit by a deflected ball you will be taken out even if it's your ball.
  • Mouse to steer  |  Left click to throw
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