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2D Shooter Classic Free For All iogames admin 0
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GAME INFO is a fun game where you’ll take control of a small ship. Collect coins as you travel the map which will able you to upgrade your boat in several different ways. The more you upgrade the more feels extremely rewarding as you’re able to add completely new features to your ship. You upgrade every time you gain a level as well as being able to spend gold on stat upgrades. Although the Doblons is simplistic in nature it never feels boring because of the upgrade system. Doblons is a free for all shoot'em up game that allows you to fight both enemy players and bot opponents with cannons, a ram or even a fleet small ships. You decide how you want to play the game as their several ways to rule the seas.
  • WASD to move/steer your boat  |  spacebar to shoot  |  upgrade your stats by clicking them on the left hand side
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