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GAME INFO is much like but based entirely in the ocean. The bottom of the food chain is where you start off eating the spawning food or other players around the map. You need to keeping eating in order to grow your size and progress to a different creature entirely. Every creature has some form of unique ability. Use your abilities against your opponents or use them to gain food more effectively. For example, you will become a seagull at one point which can easily grab food from above the waters surface. In Deeeepio your level can be seen via the xp bar at the bottom of the play screen. Once this bar is maxed out, you with transform to the next creature. Your xp bar will up by eating, and there is a lot of food the deeper you go in the ocean. But be careful as it's more dangerous because the bigger players will be lurking in these areas. As any food chain goes, the bigger creature than you, will and can eat you apart from the same species. The rules do not apply to sharks however as they can eat anything.

How to play

  • Movement: Mouse
  • Limtited boost: Space Bar
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