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2D Shooter Free For All iogames admin 0
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GAME INFO is an awesome 2d survival game fairly similar to You’ll be equip with nothing but a sword when starting off and have to gather wood, stone and food in order to help you survive. Cubee is of course an online multiplayer game though, so its not only the environment you’ll be surviving, you’ll have to constantly be on the look out for any hostile players. With the wood you gather you’ll be able to build yourself a small base or a giant fort made of blocks and doors, the stone can be used as a thrown range weapon and the food is used to heal yourself should you take any damage. The ultimate goal in the game is to amass gold, the amount of gold a player has will show on the leaderboard as score(top right of your screen). You can get gold from combining 50 wood and 50 stone to make a gold block, the gold block will then generate gold over time. All blocks can be destroyed by players however so it’s important to try and protect your gold the best you can by using several blocks. Currently the game does not have a level system so all players are equally strong which is both good and bad, good as it means new players won’t be killed repeatedly by the veterans but also bad as the people who have put a lot of time in aren’t really getting anything out of it. Because of this your strength is decided by how well you can fight using your sword and stones, in combat you can also take advantage of placing blocks if you’re smart enough.

How to play

  • Movement: W A S D (W to jump, can be pressed twice to double jump)
  • Combat: Left click to hit
  • Building: 4 5 6 to select a block, left click to place
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