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2D Shooter Free For All iogames Power-Ups Racing admin 0
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GAME INFO is a super fun battle cars game. The game-play is very simple, you drive around and try to take out other players with your weapon. Each car starts off the same level, however as you get some kills you’ll gain XP towards upgrades. Your end score can only be seen once you die, so can't use your new bonuses until your next life. You’ll be given 3 options to choose from, with each option getting better as you hit the higher levels. Your progress seems to reset upon leaving their website which can be a bummer, unless you don’t mind starting over each time. Want to know how strong a player is? The best way to find out is by looking at the number displayed beside their name on the leader-board. Higher levels have access to more bonuses making them stronger. Overall is a fast paced run and gun style game, and can easily keep you entertained due to it's easy game-play.  
  • WASD |  Left click to Shoot
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