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GAME INFO is an addictively fun free for all brawl. Your character of choice is literally dropped into a arena where you will have to fight for your survival. Everyone starts at level 1 but you can level up by picking up colorful orbs that are left after killing other players or the chickens that a roaming around. Leveling up will not only increase your power it will also increase your health, tolerance and how fast you recover. In you will notice 2 bars above your character, one is your health bar if it reaches empty you die. The 2nd is your knockout meter, it starts off completely empty and when it fills up you become unconscious. When unconscious you’re vulnerable to other players, and when the bar slowly empties again you will stand up. The higher the player the faster they can knock another player out. Higher players also take longer to be knocked out.
  • WASD / Right click | Left click / spacebar to punch (Hold in to charge a power punch) | Left click Pick-ups
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