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From the creator of brings you What looks to be a computer mouse, Swinging a spike wheel behind you is the character you play in this brutal battle. Your spike wheel will grow when you eat the triangular creatures that populate on the map. But it's not easy for you to eat them, they seem to have the ability to avoid you. It’s not too hard to eat them and you can also hit them with your spike wheel. Your spike wheel can detach by clicking the mouse. By doing this you can use your spike wheel as a projectile and if it is big, it can kill lots of players or eat lots of little creatures. You can reattach it by clicking and holding the mouse. A cool tip is to detach your spike wheel so you can hide behind it for protection.
  • Mouse to steer  |  Left click to Detach and Reattach spike wheel  |  Space Bar to push spike wheel around when detached
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