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GAME INFO is a awesome strategy game. You are positioned on a map surrounded by other players. When you begin a match you will have a protective bubble around you for a few minutes. This is to help you get started. Bloble gives each player a limited amount of space to build in. In this space you will have the choice from 7 different structures to place, all having unique uses. You can build a military troop using the barracks, and unit generators. These units are also up-gradable, upgrading is recommended before sending out an attack, as the starting units are weak. Also you have walls you can add. Walls can be useful and are important to use, without them players can get in and take you out of the game. Initially the game might be a little iffy to understand but as you play it more it becomes really enjoyable.
  • Click on Menu at the top right side to choose 1 of the 7 structures and then click within your area in order to place it.
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