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GAME INFO is a team based warships game. Travel around the seas filled with obstacles in your way like rocks and lazer gates, whilst destroing the enemy. As you are battling it out make sure to pick up XP crates in order to get a stronger ship. Leveling up will give your boat more health and more firepower. As well as XP crates there are also ammo crates and repairs crates, each ship has a limited supply of ammo to use and it runs out real fast so use it wisely. The repairs crates are marked with a wrench, they will restore a decent portion of your health if you took a hit. But in time you will regenerate health slowly on your own but that could be risky. Combat in is simple, you select a ship to lock onto and when you’re in range your ship will fire.  You can drop mines either side of you which will do a lot more damage.
  • Mouse to steer  |  Left click to Fire | Space Bar then Q or E for Mines
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