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Defense Free For All iogames Strategy Upgrades admin 0
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GAME INFO is an exciting 2d free for all shooter, but instead of guns you use bow and arrows. It takes place in a colourful forest, full of trees, rocks and animals such as bears, hiding amongst all of these however is other players waiting to take you down! The combat in Arraw is really cool, you can control how powerful your shot will be before firing and use the upgrades system to change a whole range of things such as arrow damage, arrow speed, movement speed, etc… In order to use these upgrades however you’ll need to level up which is generally the case, in order to level up you’ll need to kill animals and other players in order to get XP. Your current XP can be seen at the bottom of your screen just below your name (the huge bar) you’ll also be able to see how much health you have left anytime you take damage.(Just above your character). Scattered around the map are 3 types of arrow power ups, these are poison(green gem), lightening(red gem) and ice(blue gem) each time you pick one up you’ll receive a number of empowered arrows to use, the number of which can be seen at the bottom right of your screen. These arrows can make a huge difference in a fight as even against higher level players if you manage to land an ice arrow it will make it a lot easier to land more shots afterwards.
  • Movement: W A S D
  • Shooting: Left click (hold for power shots)
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