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2D Shooter Free For All iogames Strategy admin 0
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GAME INFO is a really fun fighting game played with square shape characters, it reminds me slightly of but uses ranged attacks instead of melee. Before you get into a match you’ll be able to choose 4 abilities to equip, there are 5 in total to pick from so you’ll have to leave one behind sadly. These abilities include a fireball, a freeze attack, a teleport, a shield and a heal, although some of these abilities are similar they all work different with different animations. The difference between a good and bad player in is how they use their abilities and how they move around the map, because all attacks are ranged base a good player will try to avoid travelling in a straight line. Abilities such as the freezing can be used aggressively as well as defensively, if you combo it with the teleport you can get close to someone and stop them from moving before launching an attack. Around the map you’ll also come across red orbs, do not mistake these for orbs that you eat to get bigger, these orbs damage you on contact but can be shot and killed. If you kill one you’ll gain some XP, once you fill the XP bar you’ll level up which will increase your max health. This XP bar as well as your health bar can be seen at the bottom left of your screen.(XP on top, health below) Once your HP reaches 0 you’ll die no surprises there however you will lose all of your levels and have to start from level 1 in your next life. Overall though is incredibly entertaining, could easily keep you entertained for hours due to its levelling system and fun combat using abilities.
  • W A S D to move |  Left click to shoot |  1 2 3 4/scroll to select an ability, right click to use it
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