Hypegames.com has been bringing the best in free online games for more than 10 years. As of recent we decided to make the move into io games and retire from the flash games sector. We at hypegames.com hope you enjoy the new selection of games, as we keep adding daily following the io games trend. Io games gained much popularity in past years. What distinguishes them is their simplicity, addictiveness and the ability to play in a browser. Most IO games follow a similar set of principles (although there are a few that break from this structure) but in general, expect an IO game to have the following:

About io games

Quick to play You can play at the click of a button and be gaming in seconds. The io games all browser-based and with minimal loading times. Each io game’s profile will have a description to help you understand the gameplay.

Easy to learn, hard to master Typically, io games can all be easily learnt within no time of playing, or some have a tutorial you can follow. But mastering an io game can take some practice and countless losses from other players who may be better than you.

RPG Elements A good amount of io games have a RPG style set of elements. There’s progression, and mostly there isn’t any cut off level. Other games allow you to upgrade or power up specific stats, such as damage, health, power and weapons. We noticed there is one slight trick to io games, it’s all about twitch reflexes and skill.

Browser Multiplayer Game Most io games are competitive, and usually a massive free-for-all. Other io games can be cooperative, or least team-based. But generally, they’re all multiplayer, and they all involve defeating other players as you grow mighty and powerful in the process. Careful io games are addictive.

If Hypegames.com is missing your io game, or if there is an issue with an io game, feel free to contact us on our contact page.


The hypegames.com team.